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Thursday, 3 February 2011


I haven't posted for a while. Laura's not been well and is waiting to see a rheumatologist and physiotherapist. Because of the pain, Laura hasn't really been able to do much as it's very difficult for her to concentrate but we have made it to a few home ed meetings.


We took Billy the rabbit to Home Ed group yesterday. Laura told the children all about him and then they had a question and answer session. Laura was very nervous but she didn't show it and the other children seemed to really enjoy it. (Billy behaved perfectly)


some of Laura's recent paintings


Laura wrote a lovely poem today.


by Laura Miles on Wednesday, 02 February 2011
As grass blades sway like duelling swords
I gaze longingly over thy glistening ocean
Dreams dashing & dancing like a ferocious storm
As chalky cliffs nurture me as thy wings would
My mind gets lost in thy angelic features

What is it like holding the globe? A mighty worrier with a heart of gold
Never worrying about growing old as broad as thy ocean with a sword of magic & wonder
Cradling our globe in thy wings a protector a lover a reason maker
You position the sun to shimmer onto me warming sand amongst
My toes you are a mighty being as strong as a lion with a puppy’s love

The barer of good with evil a level minded strong hearted fighter fate with destiny make up your bulky frame you are my hero one of which nobody appreciates you balance a single little life with good & bad from the echo of an angry sea to a kitten’s purr by thy roaring fire

An inspirational being spinning our planet to love our souls a being nobody would feel unsafe with
Yet they mock your existence do you stop thy world from spinning? No! you accept their views & carry on my hero thy angel forever worshipped within me.